Kickass and the buggy ride

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper struggles to adjust from his former 360 panoramic Mazomanie view to his current Madison limited-window arrangement which prevents him from seeing sunrises and sunsets; and he is therefore left to assume that they occur without his witnessing them.  This is, of course, untenable and will be partially corrected when a video camera is installed on the peak of his former residence in Mazo to project the sensational Wisconsin River valley sunsets via the internet to his new home.  This was part of the agreement between him and new Mazo house occupants–his grandson Andy and wife Ari; and equipment will be in place as soon as the keeper provides it and Andy climbs out on the roof with installation tools.  A second roof camera may be aimed east to reassure the keeper that another day is coming and he and Phyllis are part of it.

So, on one day, the keeper curses the personal invasion of technology, the next day he embraces it.  He says it is the inconsistencies of life that make it seem like a ride down a big hill in a runaway baby buggy, which was the actual subject of a feature article the keeper wrote about 100 years ago.  His cousin Rob had ridden in the uncontrolled buggy, and the spectacular conclusion of Rob’s ride had been something to see!  The keeper says everyone is hurtling down the hill with Rob in these coronavirus days and it is a good idea to stay inside and watch things remotely, even sunrises and sunsets.


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