Kickass and the burning monk

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and his age-group cohorts are having some difficulty with the messages coming out of State and Federal GOP offices that say many more of the elderly must die of the coronavirus in order to get the absurd trickle-down economy going, mostly for the rich one-percent.  How to protest such outrageous, narcissistic governmental behavior results in the ultimate frustration, and unavoidably brings to mind the 1963 self-immolation of the Buddhist monk in Saigon who was protesting government abuse.  While the keeper and his ilk are not about to go there, they remember how the shocking AP photo of the burning monk went around the world, forcing the abusive Vietnamese leader Diem to respond, and stunning US leaders into reassessing their Vietnam War policies.  Remembering the horrible photo gives rise to an unbelievable curiosity as to what it might take to inject some compassion and decency into the current crippled US government as it accepts and even encourages more death of the elderly as part of an economic solution.

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