Kickass and the Christmas tree pee issue

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says there has been a major misunderstanding among dogs as millions of Christmas trees are brought into homes across the country.  The obvious canine conclusion was that finally dogs are being accommodated as the cats have been with litter boxes.  Joy reigned as it was assumed by dogs that no longer would they have to go out into bitter cold and snow to answer a call of nature.  It was, however a short lived circumstance, and when several dogs attempted to do to the tree what seemed totally logical to them, chaos ensued, and shouted profanity could be heard.  Kickass says it is just one more indication of the ridiculous unfairness of the treatment afforded cats compared to that of dogs.  The keeper says it is not unlike the difference between the stock market fat cats with their gold litter boxes and the thousands of homeless mutts who have to pee out in the cold.


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