Kickass and the Cinderella boots

Kickass, the doorstop dog, sometimes considers his burden of keeping the keeper as simply too much for a cast iron dog, like now with this Cinderella absurdity.  First, understand that the keeper has a long history of hobby antique dealing, collecting relics and restoration.  It is an addiction he has been fighting for decades and it recently threatens to incapacitate him as he teeters on the brink of “hoarding.”

So he came home with three pairs of women’s cowboy boots—never mind how he got them, and he mink-oiled them back to life and put them on a shelf and now what!

The keeper is way too old to be a prince looking for a Cinderella with the right size feet, and even if he found her, a cowgirl princess would certainly want a place to keep her horse, and think of the problems with that!  If the keeper doesn’t immediately go to Craig’s list with the boots, Kickass may run away.

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