Kickass and the Corporations

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will be assisting the keeper in his efforts to instill just a smidgen of humanity and sensitivity into US corporations as they—the corporations, after having been designated by the Supreme Court as “people” for political purposes, seem unable to do anything except make money and avoid paying taxes.

The corporations-as-people designation keeps the rich-get-richer-while-the-poor-only-propagate circumstance firmly in place to the delight of the Republicans and makes as much sense in a democracy as a wolf in a sheep pasture.

So, corporations, you must follow the lead of those like the keeper and Phyllis who recently spent a day simply wallowing in the delights of spring: noting blossoming trees and wildflowers, watching an afternoon sun poke holes in the tumbling clouds, hearing the splash of a fishing osprey, seeing a small snake slither along a lake shore on its snaky business, and lamenting the flattened frog in the middle of the road.

There was no profit in any of this, but, damn, it was worthwhile and wonderful, and until you corporations can participate in similar activity with its attendant appreciation YOU ARE NOT PEOPLE so get the hell out of the sheep pasture!

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