Kickass and the Covid image

Kickass, the doorstop dog, finds that once again the keeper has climbed onto his fantasy pedestal as one of the world’s great photographers and is claiming to have found in his disorganized photo storage, an actual image of a huge coronavirus attacking from the west.

That a real image of the coronavirus was captured by a scientifically challenged individual using every-day camera equipment is, at least in the keeper’s judgment, so astounding as to be worthy of international recognition, if not unlimited monetary rewards.

The keeper imagines the likes of Dr. Fauci commenting that the huge coronavirus image could be incredibly valuable in convincing doubters of Covid’s existence and in encouraging them to wear masks; and, Kickass suggests, carrying umbrellas in case the keeper’s priceless coronavirus photo turns out to show nothing more than one of last-summer’s rain clouds.

Such illusionary nonsense is entirely possible in a country where one narcissistic idiot has 70 million supporters cheering him on as his intransigence shapes the coming pandemic winter that is predicted to kill 500.000 people before the vaccines can kick in.


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