Kickass and the covid stampede

Kickass, the doorstop dog, runs with the keeper now as the herd is in full vaccine stampede mode across the Democratic prairie while assassinating outlaw snipers take potshots from the hills.

Before the herd—and the analogy, go over the cliff, the keeper considers President Biden’s “my whole soul” plea for unity, and offers the following response: Ask not for me to embrace racists, anti-semites and homophobics; Ask instead for me to understand how such stupid low-lifers have been adopted and are defended to this day by a major political party with its morally suffocating tactics!

Now as the necessary vaccine stampede picks up speed, the keeper asks of the new POTUS: So Lincoln preached unity in the face of a broken nation, and now here you come with the suggestion that in the interests of unity, I must somehow embrace the howling band of goons and white supremacists that damn near destroyed the Capital and the Democracy it represents?

It simply isn’t in me, Mr. POTUS.  If ever there was a day when I could comfortably share space with narcissistic idiots, that day is long gone.  I am too old.  Time is short and precious, and I will not spend it trying to cozy up to society’s jackasses.

I’m with you on the unity thing, Mr. POTUS, but first there has to be something done about those sniper jackasses on the hills and the Repubs who passed them ammunition until they damn near destroyed the herd.

To put the herd analogy mercifully to rest: if the thundering vaccine herd in its frantic quest for herd immunity doesn’t do some culling, it will go the way of the wooly mammoth.




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