Kickass and the danger of perfect weather


Kickass, the doorstop dog, shares the keeper’s concern over the very serious psychological issue that has enveloped the citizenry due to the current spate of perfect summer weather.  The keeper says that if you deprive people in the Midwest, especially in Wisconsin, of weather that is so wonderful they cannot complain about it, a strange emptiness creeps into their lives.  A natural inclination to scowl, most often due to the weather, is replaced with vacant expressions that threaten to break out into slack smiles, which are contagious, and could do irreparable harm to the firm foundation of Midwest weather grouchiness.  Kickass says to go with the perfect summer days: appreciate and celebrate that they are part of your allotted time. And if you find yourself wearing a vacant smile, don’t worry about it.  Soon enough there will be meteorological reason to scowl and complain.  The burning question of the day is: do dogs smile?  Kickass offers a resounding “YES!”

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