Kickass and the David statue

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper has it on good authority that Trump and Desantis are both claiming that the giant Michelangelo statue of the Biblical giant-killer David, currently in the news, is an accurate image of themselves, with minor exceptions.

In Trump’s case he is requesting that the statue’s nudity be covered by a fig leaf lest somebody decides “you can grab it by the genitals.”  Desantis would like the sculpture altered to indicate that David has been neutered as an example of what is going to happen to Texas art teachers and physicians.

The 17-foot marble statue, on display in Florence Italy, was sculptured in 1501 and has since been a revered piece of renaissance art that draws millions of viewers annually.

The keeper has not seen it, but Phyllis has and she says it is “beautiful and very realistic.”

Hearing that, the keeper was tempted to claim–like Trump and Desantis, that the big “David” is an accurate portrayal of himself, but he didn’t: no sense in inviting ridicule, which obviously doesn’t bother either of the Republican presidential candidates.

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