Kickass and the deserted Dells

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes with the keeper that now is the time to visit Wisconsin Dells, which he–the keeper and Phyllis did Sunday.  It was largely a drive-through the water park area since the keeper’s idea of water fun is using water to make coffee. Their unobstructed walk down Main Street was free of the jostling crowds of summer and the no-holds-barred cacophony to “Spend money HERE!”

Both the keeper and Phyllis have memories of herding kids through earlier Dells machinations, and the keeper also recalls visiting a nearby dude ranch where he demonstrated his equine skills of falling off a horse.

Wandering around a largely deserted Wisconsin Dells in the middle of February may be akin to visiting an empty theater, but a Cowboy store was open and the keeper bought Phyllis a pair of “dream catcher” earrings for Valentine’s Day.

Next, the keeper and Phyllis may visit the deserted Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee to see where the fun will be next summer. They will not be picnicking, and it would be the keeper’s hope that Phyllis would be wearing her new earrings.

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