Kickass and the dog poop Christmas

Kickass, the doorstop dog, tries to ignore the other dog in the keeper’s household, a small black schnauzer type that commands attention with her ability to play a couple of toy pianos for which she is rewarded with ripe-smelling dog treats and exaggerated praise.

But there are times… when the keeper gave this black mutt—her name is Boo, a rib bone from his Freddy Valentine’s (Spring Green) take-home box, thinking the bone was hard enough so it would not splinter, while ignoring Phyllis’s comment that dogs should have only beef bones.  Within moments, Boo had devoured almost the entire bone, which must have created in her gut a mass of bony splinters that even a wolf could not digest.

So the keeper’s Christmas holiday will be focused around close observation of Boo’s digestion activity.  Show me a house where dog poop will signal a Merry Christmas and I will show you where the keeper lives.

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