Kickass and the driveway fiasco

Kickass, the doorstop dog, finds it painful to dwell on the keeper’s recent misadventure, and passes along only fragmentary details in the interests of delaying his—the keeper’s inevitable institutional commitment.  Rather than a narrative, which might go on for pages , Kickass will only list a few of the elements that went into what could only kindly be termed a fiasco: Afternoon weather turning from sunny and dry to snowy, windy and cold.  Steeply sloped driveway turning into a bobsled run.  The keeper and Phyllis returning from an unexpected medical trip stuck on said driveway, necessitating a perilous slippery driveway walk up to the house.  Phyllis in the snow and cold waiting by a basement door for the keeper to go around to the front entry to come through the house to unlock the back door.  The keeper, trying to hurry, catching a slippery shoe on a basement stair step and plunging head first down the wooden stairs to bang his head against the wall.  Fortunately the keeper’s head is almost solid bone and so only a few stars are seen, after which he opens the door for Phyllis to let her in out of the blizzard, and he gets a last glance at the car marooned down on the icy driveway.  The keeper then joins Phyllis in her medicated state with a prescription from Dr. Korbel.

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