Kickass and the dumb phone


Kickass, the doorstop dog, constantly rejoices that dogs do not have to deal with telephones, particularly since the advent of the “smart” phones which, despite the best effort of Phyllis, are far beyond the tech capacity of the keeper.  Prior to Phyllis putting the keeper’s phone in some kind of a “lock” condition, he—the keeper would find that his phone was recording his activity—both audio and visual from a shirt pocket and broadcasting it out to the world.  Yesterday it recording him vacuuming out the car and mumbling obscenities at all the sand, and there seemed to be indications that this breathless information was being shared with all of those on the village site.  The keeper apologizes and shakes in his boots at what might have been.  Phyllis needs to expand the lock to include the keeper himself, lock, stock and barrel.

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