Kickass and the dumb turkey

Kickass, the doorstop dog, assists the keeper with the following:

Don’t know if you’ve heard

That being a bird

Can go lots of ways

With honors and days.

Some are here for the eggs they lay

Others to make Col. Sander’s day.

One bird is the country’s mascot

Some are “game” and thus are shot.

Some birds go south to avoid the snow

Others, like humans, are too dumb to go.

Humans envy how birds can fly

Then melt like Icarus if they try.

One bird has its own holiday

When humans feast, give thanks and pray.

But there is this, and it’s no fable

The bird of honor despises that table.

It’s the dressing for dinner he hates

Spooned inside him, then on their plates.

How is a bird to enjoy Thanksgiving

Stuffed and carved and no longer living?

The turkey does it year after year,

And is toasted with wine, or maybe beer.

Here’s to you, oh great bird of the day:

You’re beautiful, and as dumb as they say.

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