Kickass and the dung beetles


Kickass, the doorstop dog, noting that dogs are much more into Earth Day than the keeper’s human gang, what with dogs forever digging holes in the earth–sometimes to bury a bone or torment a rodent or create a cool place to wallow on a hot summer day, and sometimes digging just for the hell of it.  The keeper’s ilk, on the other hand, has a morbid history of treating the earth as if they were dung beetles determined to transform the Earth into a ball of shit in the interests of turning a profit..  This has Florida sinking, along with vast island areas around the world rapidly becoming unliveable.  The best intelligence says if changes aren’t made in global narcissistic-driven life styles, the growing planetary dung ball will self-destruct, and not only will the dung beetles be out of work, they will also be out of a place to live.  Where does it say the dung beetles must be led by the stupidest among them until they are crushed beneath the feet of the great stampeding elephant of time?  Earth Day/Dung Day.  Which is it?

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