Kickass and the estate sale

Kickass, the doorstop dog, feels some vulnerability as the keeper and Phyllis partake in an online estate sale for the next five days—accessible at (Find the sale by zip code–53560, or Mazomanie.)

The keeper probably should be embarrassed at the amount and kind of items he has somehow amassed over the years, but he isn’t. And he should also probably be emotionally distressed at parting with mementos from important personal moments in his life, but he isn’t.  Then there is the opportunity for him to feel resentment at leaving his beautiful house on the hill for an apartment in an large impersonal building.

But that would be dumb of him since, as Robert Burns said, “Nae man can tether time nor tide. The hour approaches Tam (the keeper) must ride.”

During this time of significant transition, the keeper reminds himself of Phyllis’s experience in leaving her Arizona home to come and live with him, and what a life change that had to be.  And how much more difficult the keeper’s upheaval would be without Phyllis around to listen to his whining.



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