Kickass and the everglade legislators

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper is “in discussion” with just how best to capitalize on the continuous outpouring of abject stupidity by Wisconsin’s GOP delegation in Washington, namely Johnson, Grothman, Fitzgerald and Tiffany.

Almost on a daily basis, one of these deep thinkers blurts out some form of inanity that forms the basis for a “stink tank” identity to make Wisconsin residents proud.

Just how these narcissists came to occupy Wisconsin’s portion of the DC environment is comparable to how big snakes now occupy the top predatory rung in the Everglades: they were originally released by “pet” owners who thought they were doing good.  Now as the snakes consume all other natural forms of swamp life, there is the realization that a serious problem exists.

Corrective measures in the Everglades are called snake hunts: in Wisconsin they would be called “elections.”  Considering Grothman’s most recent gross blab and the GOP vote against the Covid recovery legislation, those elections can’t come soon enough.








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