Kickass and the exploding engine

Kickass, the doorstop dog, indulges the keeper as he—the keeper is driven to analogous excess by the horrifying image of the disintegrating jet engine as it was viewed by the airliner occupants, and which he sees as the World’s population riding a planet engulfed in its final conflagration.  In his analogy, the airplane/planet riders deal with their dilemma by simply looking out through a window that does not afford an unobstructed view of the cause of their seemingly eminent doom.

Under the heading of no-atheists-in-foxholes, the minutes before that burning aircraft landed safely had to be a brain-wrenching experience for the passengers.  Thoughts come to mind of those aboard the airliner that crashed in the Pennsylvania field 9-11-2001 before it could hit the Capital.

Apparently, extreme lethal weather patterns, hellish fires and uninhabitable flooded land do not equate to an exploded jet engine, and so the keeper’s analogy falls apart as certainly as the jet engine did.  Before he lets it go, however, and since he had seen the image of the disintegrating engine and it was too late for him to switch windows to put it out of sight, he asks for enough post-Covid time so he and Phyllis can go out to a fancy restaurant for an outrageously expensive dinner, maybe more than one, lots of them, in fact!

Wine will be served and toasts made in appreciation for extending their long planetary rides that began way back when nobody saw an engine on fire and no pieces were falling out of the sky.  The keeper and Phyllis invite others to join them, at an appropriate social distance, of course, and having avoided fossil fuel travel.

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