Kickass and the Facebook netherworld

Kickass, the doorstop dog, having crawled into a hole with the keeper during his—the keeper’s recent disbarment from the human race for failure to respond with the proper enthusiasm to the army of political pundits, endless commercial cure-alls and the chances that survival may be at hand, Kickass does not equate such an emergence with the metamorphosis of the Monarch, but puts it more in line with crawling out from under a rock like a relative of the dung beetle.

The sun hurts the keeper’s eyes and he seems to slink along in the shadows like a Facebook ghoul, of which there are apparently many, a few trying to do good but most of them looking for other ghouls to commiserate with on just how really bad things are.

During his sojourn into the Facebook netherworld, the keeper also discovered something called Facebook idiot dust which seems to be rampant and needs to be removed at regular intervals lest the simple pleasure of communicating about grandkids with aunt Sue loses its significance.

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