Kickass and the flat earth

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper and Phyllis in their efforts to live on the same planet with those who are convinced that the Earth is flat, and truth is the end product of a cultural digestive system out of whack from a diet of green apples from a corrupt fruit dealer.

Communicating with those flat earthers in a way that avoids such physical approaches as grabbing them by the neck and shouting, “FOR GOD’S SAKE YOU CAN’T BE THAT STUPID!” requires special handling as suggested herein:

*Understand that MAGA means “Make All Goats Available.”

*Defining Jan. 6 ,2021 as “a display by patriotic tourists” is like   calling crucifixion a podiatry treatment.

*Maintaining civility if not silence while listening to someone expound on a “stolen election” puts the same kind of stress on the heart as sitting quietly to hear condemnation of your mother’s morals.

*As money replaces decency as the major political tool and drone bombs replace spears to make wholesale killing easier, put those things down as progress and congratulate the flat landers.

*It is their kind of thinking that we all live and die with.

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