Kickass and the Forevertron ride

Kickass, the doorstop dog, pauses with the keeper in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to acknowledge the death of Dr. Evermor, creater of the “Forevertron,” a towering mass of incongruous conjoined items which, Dr., Evermor said, held out the possibility of escaping the Earth for adventures in outer space.  Tom Every, aka. Dr. Evermor, died yesterday at a Sauk area care center due to a stroke.  He was 81.

The keeper met Dr. Evermor many years ago at Every’s work area across from the Badger Recreation area where the Forevertron loomed amid an endless array of strange animals and birds created by Every out of spillover from a neighboring salvage business.

For many years, Every’s creations were a curiosity for travelers along Highway 12 where it divides in front of the Badger local.  The keeper met Every during his—the keeper’s journalism days, and remembers discussing with him the possibility of a ride on the Forevertron in the interests of writing a column from another galaxy.  Dr. Evermor was enthusiastic about the plan.  But it never came off, and the keeper regrets that, particularly now as the Earth is showing signs that it can be kicked around only so long before it fights back. The Forevertron is still back there in the trees along Highway 12, and the keeper is having fresh thoughts about climbing aboard and taking that long-delayed ride.

RIP, Dr. Evermor.







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