Kickass and the Foxy con outhouse plan

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the newest wrinkle in the Foxy con deal Walker is pulling on Wisconsin—telegraphed by the old store purchase in Green Bay, is for Foxy con to buy old outhouse type structures in many towns across the state where somebody will be hired to sell night-crawlers and minnows, or maybe popcorn.

The local Foxy con outlets will carry the “I stand with Walker” signs which were so popular with Wisconsin farmers before Trump’s tariffs put them out of business and his immigration policies transformed the state labor picture so there is no longer anyone around to milk Wisconsin cows.

If his new Foxy con re-election technique doesn’t work for him, given his experience, Walker will likely be named to a position in the Trump administration, perhaps as the head of a new cabinet formed by Trump with the mission of “How to really “f” everything up and then get the hell out.”





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