Kickass and the French Poodle pilot

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says his keeper, as a US citizen, feels as if he is flying on an airliner that is being piloted by a French Poodle, which Kickass would really find insulting to dogs if it were not for the his bias toward French Poodles who think they are so damn smart.

The keeper also laments that the “co-pilot” Pence is as dumb as a doorstop because he wants all the women passengers to jump out of the airplane—without parachutes, to prevent them from visiting a Planned Parenthood facility.   That really offends Kickass, as all doorstops are not dumb, at least not that dumb.

So, since big airliners are not designed for the crazy aerial acrobatics that the US flight is being put through, there will likely be a bad landing somewhere, maybe in the Swiss Mountains where St. Bernard rescue dogs will show up with little kegs of brandy on their collars.  The keeper likes that.  So does Kickass.



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