Kickass and the fresh snow

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in making more of the fresh snow cover than seems appropriate, being that all the pristine whiteness is nothing more than future hazardous ice, dangerous snow banks, offensive slush and eventual mud.

But the new snow is like a great eraser of reality that encourages superficial thoughts and denies that there is such a thing as dirt.  Would that a similar circumstance existed on the political scene, and the prevailing narcissism and greed and divisiveness could be obscured by a fresh cover of decency.  Could there possibly be enough to blunt the realization that leaders are now in place that, in their own self interests and the interests of the rich they represent, are poisoning the environment, destroying the planet and ignoring the disenfranchised.

How the hell did we get here, the keeper asks?

Money! Money! Money!

Then when it was decided that corporations are people with all the rights and opportunities, but no accountability and none of the moral obligations or tribal responsibilities, things got even worse and turned into the kind of muddy quagmire that no moral fresh snow could even obscure.

But it is pretty out there this morning.

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