Kickass and the good of Good Friday

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has the unenviable task of trying to help the keeper come up with something good to say about this Good Friday, and offers only the fact that in Germany there was—maybe still is, a Good Friday prohibition against “dancing and horse racing,“ which might be a good thing for adoption in the US, providing it also prohibited gathering in a crowd to await the Rapture.

On second thought, the keeper says that may be too restrictive and if people really do want to gather in readiness for the Rapture that must keep a distance of six feet between themselves and all others and they should wear masks.

As is his wont—to be thorough and truthful, if not off-the-wall, the keeper’s infrequent Biblical research shows the only reference to “masks” in the Bible is a lurid account of “Tamar” putting on a “veil” to seduce her unsuspecting father-in-law Judah.  The story goes on from there offering up a plot rich enough to be a lascivious TV series.

So that’s it from Kickass and the keeper for this Coronavirus contaminated Good Friday:  Don’t stand close, don’t dance and, for god’s sake don’t do any horse racing.  And if you are interested in that Biblical “mask” reference see “Genesis Chapter 38 and 39.”

Happy Easter!



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