Kickass and the goose flight leader


Kickass, the doorstop dog, using his special communication powers, reports the following:

It is early morning at the goose pond and there is a bustle of feathery wing-stretches as the daily take-off time approaches:

Goose 1: “Where are we going today?”

Goose 2: “I hope we are going south, but the current flight leader does not believe in magnetic fields or navigation rules, so God only knows where we’re headed.”

Goose 1: “Seriously, you think God knows?”

Goose 2: “Well, maybe not.”

Goose 1: “Yesterday we flew northwest which is a ridiculous direction for this time of year, and could see us frozen to the surface of some Wisconsin lake with winter coming on.”

Goose 2: “Yeah, and the crazy formation!  ‘D’ instead of a ‘V!’ We’ve been flying ‘V’s forever, and we’ve always headed south at this time.  I say we do something about replacing the flight director before he flies us into a total ‘D’ disaster.”

Goose 1: “How do we do it?”

Goose 2: “Vote!”

Goose 1: “Geese don’t vote!”

Goose 2: “The smart ones do.”





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