Kickass and the green curtain


Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in applauding (with dogs it is “apawlauding”) the lowering of the great green curtain that signals the start of the spectacular summer show.  Behind this curtain, wild and wonderful things occur, mostly out of sight but for the brief glimpse of a spotted fawn or the sight of a snapping turtle lumbering across the trail on its way to egg-laying.  Except for a house or two on the near edge, the village of Mazomanie has completely disappeared, and what will go on there behind the great green curtain of summer is, of course, of great importance to the residents but not nearly so intriguing to Kickass and the keeper as is the wild summer show hidden in the green woods.  Maybe that has something to do with an environment uncluttered by machinations of the human ego, not to mention television commercials and cell phones.

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