Kickass and the gun vaccine

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in his support of a vaccine that would render unconscious anyone who picks up a gun if they are within a half mile of another person.  On the heels of the successful Covid vaccine, Dr. Fauci needs to go beyond identifying the constant gun slaughter as a public health problem, and urge the development of a vaccine targeting the spread of the crippling mind-set that is based on reasoning that prevailed back when a major street maintenance problem was the accumulation of horse shit.

With 45 mass shootings in the US in the past month—including one in Kenosha and one at a child’s birthday party in New Orleans, there is an obvious desperate need to try the vaccine approach in dealing with what can only be called epidemic insanity.

Having proved that it is capable of putting down a global pandemic, the vaccine manufacturing industry could obviously design a method of neutralizing those who utter “Second Amendment” and take their guns along to go grocery shopping.  Perhaps it could work through a combination of the nervous system and bladder and cause the gun toting dummies to wet their pants.

But it isn’t only the gun nuts needing a gun vaccine.  It is everyone: One hundred gun deaths every day! Dr. Fauci is right—it is a public health problem, a public MENTAL health problem!

Get us a shot to keep us from getting shot!  Either that or show us how to adjust social distancing from six-feet to at least a half mile.  

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