Kickass and the hatching monarch

Kickass, the doorstop dog, had a bit of trouble understanding the thrill and excitement generated when a monarch butterfly emerged from a chrysalis just outside the breakfast window, dried its wings, and then without even a “Hasta la vista,” flew off toward Mexico.”  Phyllis went for her camera like a western gunfighter.

What’s the big deal?  This is an insect—a bug, first performing that incredible grub-to-butterfly chrysalis thing, and then taking off for Mexico, not caring that it personally will not get there but its great grandchildren will, which marks the existence of generational navigation that is beyond the capacities or even the understanding of the keeper’s species.

Dog’s understand some of it: a dog can always find its way home, even with extenuating circumstances, as with Toto getting back to Kansas.  The keeper, on the other hand, misses a detour sign and ends up in Black Earth when he really wanted to go to Cross Plains.

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