Kickass and the high tech fog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper identifies with foggy mornings as befitting his most common mental state, particularly in matters of the latest technology.  The keeper may not have been born with pliers and screwdriver in hand, but they came early in his life and he honed their use until, at least in his mind, he could fix anything.

Then, about the time he perfected lamp-wiring, toilet adjustment and other challenging mechanical issues that made him something of a family hero, along came the electronic tsunami that turned him into an utter dolt, not immune from indulgent snickers if not downright ridicule, which makes him hesitate to ask for assistance in tuning his TV set or using his smartphone.

So the fog is comforting.  The keeper can’t fix it with his pliers and screwdriver and neither can the smartass techies in his family and elsewhere.


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