Kickass and the labor of Labor Day

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will be spending Labor Day—as will the keeper and Phyllis, doing absolutely nothing that smacks of labor, all of them having been retired from “labor” since shortly after invention of the wheel.

In these days of awakening to the realization that half the populace is made up of women, the keeper wonders if Labor Day might be somewhat expanded to honor those who actually “go into labor” as opposed to those who simply get sweaty and dirty and banged-up doing the “labor” things that need to be done?  Perhaps such an emphasis might help make the point that if you have the capacity to actually “go into labor,” then, by god, you are not about to take orders regarding your body from those political “laborers” who don’t have such a capacity.

The keeper and Phyllis’s clans are definitely descended from the labor class, and it is only with the more recent generations that some members earn their keep by doing things that do not involve lunch buckets and calloused hands and aching backs and taking showers after work instead of before.  The clans’ females, however, have recently been actively demonstrating that “going into labor” is more significant than, say, the “labor” of reroofing the house or repairing a leaky toilet.

Phyllis has not been among those female clan members “going-into-labor”, which the keeper says is fine with her and the keeper as they now savor the great-grandchildren phase of their lives and celebrate a Labor Day without labor.

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