Kickass and the lady coach

Kickass, the doorstop dog, not mentally qualified to be a bonafide sports fan with all the necessary mental capacity for arcane statistics and historical trivia, finds himself intrigued by the issue of the Milwaukee Buck’s interest or non-interest in hiring a woman coach.

So, as is the way with the billionaire pro sports owners, don’t they get the tax payers to more or less pay for the major league sports facilities around the country, especially in Milwaukee?  And since the cost of attending a pro athletic event requires a second mortgage and is beyond the reach of most families, do you add misogyny to the lineup?

Kickass says if you want the best performance from a dog-sled team, harness a cat just ahead of the lead dog. You will have a winner and the entertainment value would be immeasurable.  Join the 21st Century, Milwaukee: Make a statement for the disenfranchised fans and bring on the lady coach!





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