Kickass and the lone ranger mask

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is doing his best to help the keeper sort through the coronavirus mask-wearing issue, which in the keeper’s case is complicated by his very early boyhood days when he assumed the identity of the Lone Ranger complete with mask, cowboy hat and an ornery little white pony named Silver. Many years later he used the Lone Ranger experience in titling a book “Hi-ho Silver Anyway,” in which he recounted the facts of Silver being complicit in taking the keeper’s slightly older heart throb up the road where she was lost to older, more interesting cousins.

In his crippling weakness for never throwing anything away, the keeper is convinced that his boyhood Lone Ranger mask has to be around somewhere, but he has so far been unable to find it. That is probably just as well because, knowing him, he would probably insist on wearing it to the grocery store which would not only embarrass Phyllis but might get him noticed by authorities.

If he does find the old Lone Ranger mask, the keeper says he might send it to the White House for the POTUS to use as he formulates his questionable attitudes toward masks, the coronavirus, the media and the world in general.


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