Kickass and the Lone Ranger

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports the keeper has gone off the deep end over the POTUS calling himself a “Lone Warrior,” which translates in his—the keeper’s mind, to “Lone Ranger,” an area where he claims some authority having once authored a book entitled “Hi-ho Silver Anyway” that was partially based on the keeper’s youthful identity as the Lone Ranger, often complete with white shirt and  mask.

That the POTUS has the audacity to even vaguely imply that he has common character traits with the Lone Ranger infuriated the keeper to the point that he did a little research and found that one translation of “Kemosabe”—a word often used by the Lone Ranger and his sidekick Tonto, is “White shirt,” and the implication is that one of Tonto’s duties was to wash the Lone Ranger’s shirts and Tonto was forever warning the Lone Ranger to avoid grass stains and other shirt-soiling situations.

Then there was the fact that the bone-spur POTUS may have gone to his “Lone Warrior (Ranger) identity since the word “Tonto” is a Spanish epithet meaning “idiot” or “moron,” and the POTUS favors such terms in referring to his sidekicks. (That “idiot” and “moron” have also been used to describe the POTUS is incidental here.)

The keeper speculates that if POTUS can convince his base that he is indeed the Lone Warrior (Ranger) it will be an way for him to change his stupid coronavirus stance on not wearing a mask.

Tune up the William Tell overture!


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