Kickass and the loser label

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will be doing his best to help the keeper adjust to his—the keeper’s, new personal labels of “sucker” and “loser” as put on him and every other veteran by the POTUS.

Over his long life, the keeper admits to having been a “sucker” and a “loser” on countless occasions, but his military service was not one of those times.  In fact his three year enlistment, including a year with the Infantry in Korea, was a major turning point in his life.  The same is true for countless others who may not have joined up for lofty altruistic reasons but rather to “get a life” other than the one dictated by home town limitations.

That the keeper may not have thought through the possibility of being killed, like s number of his fellow I and R platoon members, may make him–like most veterans, deserving of the POTUS labels, but not really.  The absurdity of War is sustained by young people who are victims of their own illusions, and the narcissistic ambitions of rich, power-grabbing, cowardly old men, some who claim bone spurs and immunity from moral accountability.


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