Kickass and the lost wallet

Kickass, the doorstop dog, naps through the keeper’s account of losing his wallet during an evening outing with his good friend Harry Peterson.

The keeper was sure he had left the wallet in the back seat of Harry’s car, which, it turned out had not been Harry’s car but his wife Sylvia’s.

At the keeper’s phoned request, Harry then searched the back seat of his car and……eventually realized his mistake, then searched Sylvia’s car and found the keeper’s wallet in the back seat where the keeper had left it.

When the keeper drove over to pick up his wallet, the one handed to him by Harry was not the keeper’s but turned out to be Harry’s.

Before the keeper had a chance to even think fleetingly that Harry’s friendship is really over the top—the keeper loses his wallet and Harry offers his own as a replacement, the error was quickly noted and corrected and both Harry and the keeper then had their very similar black wallets in hand.

As a witness to much of this James Thurber-like event, Phyllis made very little attempt to hide her amusement, proving yet once again that the comedy of life is invaluable.

Sylvia would obviously agree.

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