Kickass and the moon photo

Kickass, the doorstop dog, tries to nap through the worst of the keeper’s fumbling attempts to live with his—the keeper’s absolute tech ignorance, which often sees him fabricating outrageous explanations for his humiliation before such things as computers, vehicles, i-phones, TV sets, and cameras.

So it is that he tries to pass off his attempt at photographing the Snow Moon going down over Mazomanie on a recent early morning as a work of art when in truth it is yet one more example of how a sophisticated thing like a Nikon D7100 should never be allowed in the hands of someone who is intimidated by the coffee maker.

Obviously, ignoring a basic precept of photography that demands a tripod for slow shutter shots does not involve high tech but rather dumbness. The keeper, however, blames the camera with its hundreds of minute settings for not dealing with this verity.

As a result there is this very arty photo of the moon over Mazo, which the keeper plans to enter in high level competition.  (Phyllis, who is a very accomplished photo artist and who helps the keeper answer his phone, displays admirable patience over the entire matter.)


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