Kickass and the mouse camper war

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is in something of a pout after being told by the keeper that he—Kickass is more useless than a cat in the unending contest between the keeper and the resident mice for use/occupancy of the keeper’s off-beat motor home.  On one occasion mice chewed up interior wiring and cost the keeper enough hard cash to buy a decent used car.

Even in death, the mice seem to win since the keeper sets traps and then forgets to check them until serious decomposition sets in, calling for burning scent candles and enough air freshener to make a paper mill smell like a beauty salon, however still remaining offensive to the olfactory equipment of a dog.

Much is made of how dogs have adapted to living with humans, but the mice have always been way ahead in that game.  And it sort of pisses Kickass off that the mice have done their adapting without having to tolerate such things as collars, leashes, running after tennis balls and baths.  Kickass plans to be more aggressive in doing what he can in the mouse/keeper war.  Peeing on the camper tires is probably not going to be a big help but it is about all he can do.





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