Kickass and the name Forrest

Kickass, the doorstop dog, indulges the keeper as he—the keeper, wallows in what he considers a great claim to immortality as Lindsey and Steve name their new son Forrest which is the keeper’s middle name.  It was the keeper’s father’s first name, and to have it carried on by this perfect little one, who is already showing marked signs of rare intelligence, is, well, simply the greatest.  So, Forrest Walker Stokes, welcome to the tribe.  By the time you are inevitably elected POTUS everyone will have forgotten the absurdity of the present White House circumstance, which will be a wonderful thing.  Also, when you—Forrest Walker Stokes, move into the WH you will want a “first” dog, and at the suggestion of the keeper—William Forrest Stokes, Kickass volunteers to be that dog.

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