Kickass and the Neanderthals

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is working with the keeper to sharpen up the image of the Neanderthals who live among us and are often elected to public office where they frequently demonstrate Neanderthal thinking by formulating public policy that encourages suicidal, lemming-like mass leaps from high cliffs.

Archeologists suggest that the lack of change over thousands of years in Neanderthal tool making may imply a “reduced capacity for thinking by analogy and less working memory.”  The keeper extends this finding to the long term policy of Republican Party members in gerrymandering themselves into permanent positions whereby lesser tribal members are convinced that jumping over cliffs is in their own best interest.

In his recent reference to “Neanderthal thinking” as it applies to  lifting Covid protection regs, President Biden obviously was aware of the archeological finding that Neanderthals cross bred with homo sapiens for eons, and this was obviously a common practice in Texas and Mississippi.

The keeper passes on the following random Neanderthal thought: Repub millionaire legislators are justified in opposing an increase in the $7.25 minimum wage and the Covid Recovery legislation.

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