Kickass and the new shelf

Kickass, the doorstop dog, having flunked out of obedience school with the keeper, is trying to make a comeback and therefore supports the keeper’s compliance with requests that he display a photo of the shelving he claims to have recently constructed in the Vista West woodworking shop.

While some of the requests seemed to carry implications of doubt as to the keeper’s carpentering skills, he is ignoring that possibility, and forthwith posting a photo taken by Phyllis which shows the seven-tiered shelving that was made from white pine lumber from the keeper’s beloved Back-40, and is now providing a respectable display means for such treasurers as the puppy-shaped tie rack he made for Grandpa Helgeland when he–the keeper was 11 years old, the English sheep shearing tool, the pig ringer, the duffle bag the keeper carried back from Korea, a shank made by Cuban prisoner’s at Camp McCoy, a glamours photo of the beautiful Phyllis, the keeper’s button accordion, a hat from the “Naked ar Amazo” play, some of the keeper’s books, Phyllis’s art work and other precious items too numerous to mention.

The keeper invites one and all to come and do a closer shelf inspection which would show great attention to joinery and how the soft white pine is so wonderfully forgiving to little carpentry missteps.   

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