Kickass and the non-mask wearers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper is not above passing along a good line, and in view of 410,000 plus Covid deaths—more than 6,000 in Wisconsin, he, the keeper, adds the account of the mask wearer in a check-out line who asked the woman ahead of him why she was not wearing a mask?  Her response was that masks were unnecessary and she didn’t need one, whereupon the mask wearer said, “Well, I sure hope you don’t catch what I’ve got!”

The account goes that the non mask-wearer, dropped her merchandise items and virtually ran out of the store.

The keeper plans to use the line should appropriate circumstances arise, and he suggests that others do the same, perhaps with a bit of theatrical coughing and staggering thrown in.

Motivation for such indirect action is intensified by a study showing that those who refuse to wear masks have less cognitive ability than mask wearers, and the news from Michigan and elsewhere about people being shot and killed over the mask issue.

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