Kickass and the NRA

Kickass, the doorstop dog, comments that the keeper is not bashful about seeking help for the woes of life that befall him; and he needs advice now on how to deal with a communication that is boldly labeled in red “FINAL NOTICE,” along with the warning that “REPLY MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 30 DAYS.”

Given his very senior status in life, the keeper is put off by the word “FINAL,” and unless it comes from Phyllis his response to “MUST” is pretty much negative.

But the authoritative appearing FINAL NOTICE is from the NRA and that removes it from the class of car dealer and grocery store promotions that clutter up mailboxes. As historically has been the case, when the NRA said “jump” the appropriate response was to ask “how high?”

If the keeper had not passed his guns on to younger family members he might have shot the NRA’s “FINAL NOTICE” demand full of holes.

In the end he may simply toss it in the trash as symbolic of what is finally happening to the NRA as a cultural force.

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