Kickass and the October weather

Kickass, the doorstop dog, shares the keeper’s assessment that this is about as nasty a day as you could order up for an October Saturday–a strong northwest wind gusting strong enough to strip the recently installed rubber tile cover off an upper deck and knock the long-standing bird feeder complex flat and twisted.

So there will be those today who will sit outside in all of this meteorological chaos and watch various athletic events; and in friendlier climes there will be long-scheduled indoor events, like weddings, where families will assemble to mark the simple concept of love.

The keeper will go out and pick up the scattered tile, and try to salvage the bird feeder; and he and Kickass will send best wishes to those outside at the athletic events, and to those in the warm confines of wedding houses.  There will be eventual gusting for both, but that’s life and we wouldn’t have it otherwise, especially that part about marking love on a contrary October day.



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