Kickass and the old music

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the day started for the keeper and Phyllis with sipping and listening to a jazz trio at “The Cider Farm” Sunday afternoon; and it morphed into an evening at home of Phyllis searching out the old stuff of Ella and Louie and Billie and Bing and Nate, whereby the keeper was pretty much rendered into a bowl of hopeless 1940-50’s Jello.

It was the era of big bands, scat singers, jazz and slow dancing, when the keeper was young and Phyllis was younger.

So the two of them wallowed in the old music of their time and marveled at how things change.  They do that a lot. And it always leaves them with questions: Where did the time go, and how can youthful romances possibly blossom under the din of hard rock and the exertion of combat dancing?

“Those were the days, my friend……..”

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