Kickass and the orange war


Kickass, the doorstop dog, tries to stay away from controversy, as does the keeper, but the bird feeder orange war that is now at its zenith has them both concerned that the situation may turn political, in part because of the role played by the color orange, both in its natural state and in the case of the golfer in chief putting on the White House lawn.  What is happening is that hordes of people are hanging orange halves on their bird feeders to attract orioles and then they are displaying photos to show that they not only have orieles but lots of the other colorful birds now migrating through the area on their way to nesting locations.  This has become an understated conflict, and a delightful one that gives people something to occupy their minds while they wonder what the hell to do about the orange grosbeak in the WH who may declare war on Canada any second.

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