Kickass and the pack experience

Kickass, the doorstop dog, observes that the keeper’s species is even more pack oriented than the Kickass wolf ancestors, and the proof can be found with some 37,000 people at the Brewer’s game Sunday, where most (all) of them had seats that afforded a game view of much less quality and detail than could have been had on the TV set at home.

There is, of course, something about being “taken” out to the ball game with all of its peanuts and crackerjack, not to mention the cold beer and brats, and the crack of the bat and the home runs, as difficult as it is to follow the little dot of a ball, except on TV. For detail—down to illustrations of the strike zone on every pitch, TV is where it’s at.

However, the keeper, not being one of those detail-burdened baseball nuts, says, yeah, if you want real baseball, join the 37,000 and have a great “pack” experience at the ol’ ball park.


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