Kickass and the perils of love

Kickass, the doorstop dog, commiserates with the  keeper as he—the keeper tries to adjust to a temporary but highly significant deficit in his household, while still unable to fathom the incredible unlikelihood of a passion as intense as a teenager’s  at his stage in life.  So in his unlimited capacity for analytical precision, the keeper has dispensed with clinical/psychological verbiage and, as he indicated earlier, termed his condition as being in love.

There is no point in being embarrassed or secretive about it, or even tolerating the inevitable “old fool” jokes, because it is what it is—two people of whatever age anxious onto unreasoning insistence that they will share themselves and their lives with each other.

The keeper has vowed to resume his unbelievably incisive commentary on other subjects in the future, but Kickass wonders if he will be able to recapture his edge given his condition.  A cold shower isn’t going to do it, that’s for sure!



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