Kickass and the POTUS sell books

Kickass, the doorstop dog, laments that the keeper frequently seems to demonstrate a “slow learner” attribute and it has apparently surfaced as he goes about trying to peddle his novel “Margaret’s War.” set when there were thousands of German POWs in Wis. near the end of WW II.  As demonstrated by the current POTUS who, despite not being housebroken, knows that the way to sell books, particularly your son’s book, is to get your political pals to buy enough of them to trigger marketing stats to put it on the NYT’s best seller list.   It is unlikely, however, that the orange POTUS is anxious to promote anything like Margaret’s War which has as a major part of its theme the disempowerment of women, particularly in war time.  The keeper is thinking of sending the POTUS a free copy of MW so he could not only read about sexism, but also what it is like to look an enemy in the eye and wonder what the hell we are killing each other for?  But then he doesn’t read, anything!

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