Kickass and the Proud Buffoons

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is aware of the keeper’s confidential report from Portland in which the “Proud Buffoons” cheered the nomination of Trump for the Piece Prize, an award of the Misogynistic Order of Morons (MOM).

The MOM Piece Prize is awarded annually to that public individual who has done the most to demean women.  Trump, as a previous repeat winner, qualified again this year, in part by nominating a Supreme Court justice who, despite being a woman herself, has the potential for taking the issue of gender equality back into the dark ages while simultaneously handing the governing gavel off to an indifferent God.

The gun-toting Proud Buffoons, who trace their history back to the era of pointed white hats and public lynching, base their unequivocal Trump support on Trump’s natural talent for turning unacceptable personal behavior and overt indecency into the kind of political message that appeals to MOM members, hence the Piece Prize symbolizing women as “pieces of meat” to be treated as such by the White male Proud Buffoons.

Kickass suggests that the keeper, by ridiculing a right-wing spin-off group is playing into the game of unproductive divisiveness as promoted by Trump et al.  The keeper admits to as much, and explains that he is not big enough to do otherwise.





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